BuildAct is -first and foremost- a consultancy company. Our range of services is designed to assist our customers in better understanding construction materials and using this knowledge to improve the quality of construction. Backed by its analytical tools and its association with world leading authorities in materials and concrete technology, BuildAct is a natural provider of premier consulting services in concrete, asphalt and geotechnical engineering. Our team of professionals helps our clients envision the big picture of the concrete construction process.

We ensure that our technical advice and consulting services take into consideration the below essential factors:

  1. Practicality
  2. Client's budget and life-cycle cost
  3. Required durability and serviceability
  4. Environmental impact

Our consultancy team has been involved in reviewing project specifications for hundreds of projects and contracts around the world and ensured that the specifications’ intent was well achieved in execution.

Structural Assessment and Nondestructive Evaluation

Our team of experts assembles and analyzes observations, information and data in existing structures for condition assessment. We then apply a multilevel approach covering material evaluation and structure analysis to assess the structural adequacy. Supported by our state-of-the-art laboratory, we also apply nondestructive techniques to complement our investigation and reduce destructive tests.

Concrete Quality Control for Large Construction Projects

We ensure that concrete is properly produced, placed, cured and protected. We set standards of quality and insist that these standards are followed through the construction process and prepare a Quality Control Program for the inspection and testing of concrete and the maintenance of all reports and records to meet the specified requirements of the project specifications.


The presence of our team on construction sites significantly accelerates the project delivery by providing day-to-day technical assistance, preventive actions and practical solutions to arising problems. Our team handles non conformities and follows up the corrective tasks required to minimize construction delays.