Concrete is a manufactured product, the quality and uniformity of which depends on the control over its manufacture. Success depends mainly upon the availability of proper, well maintained equipment and an efficient production facility.

The purpose of inspection is to verify that the requirements and intent of contract design documents are faithfully accomplished. Inspection includes not only visual examination and field measurements, but also field and laboratory testing and the collection and evaluation of test data.

Our inspection team is able to determine if materials, procedures (i.e. batching and mixing of concrete), and end products (i.e. compacted soils, asphalt, produced concrete) conform to the requirements of the contract documents. The inspectors emphasize inspection of subgrade and soils properties, checking the analyses of the reinforcing steel, inspection of concrete materials as they are delivered, testing of fresh and hardened concrete, and inspection of the completed structure.


Should any problem occurs during or after construction, Buildact instant involvement help to evaluate the structure and permits effective actions to be taken. Our approach ensure the latest technologies and researches are used to serve the construction process.

The related services include a wide range of techniques such as Non Destructive Testing, Destructive Testing, Load tests and repair methodologies.