As part of its mission to elevate the quality of the construction field in the region, Our Training Division offers tailor made courses to fit customer needs.

BuildAct has currently trained more than 6000 personnel in the Middle East and Africa region and certified more than 3000 personnel in the various ACI certification programs.‚Äč

Our expertise covers training fields such as:

  1. Field & Laboratory testing, and evaluation of concrete and construction materials .
  2. Concrete advanced technologies and Mix Design .
  3. Understanding of ready mixed concrete .
  4. Sliecifications understanding and review .
  5. Construction Practices: mixing, placing, pumping, consolidation, finishing, curing, protection, formwork erection and removal, etc.
  6. Heat of Hydration analysis, Mass Concrete, Hot and Cold weather concreting .
  7. Field Quality Control, logistics and site preparation for large concrete placement operations .
  8. Inspection of structures and special investigations .
  9. Concrete structure defects: Condition Assessment and Repair Methodologies .
  10. Nondestructive Testing NDT Technique.
  11. Soils Testing and Evaluation .
  12. Hot Mix Asphalt technology.
  13. Asphalt Superpave.
  14. Fundamentals of Geotechnical Investigations.